Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy Update

I've been house and dog sitting for Mr. Duff this week. I like how much his house feels like home, even with the severe lack of my cat and personal things. But I nest well here. He's got a beautiful life on this little island, and I'm glad that he often shares it with me.

    Just me & Kaiser, playing up the lens. 

Work is going really well, we're starting new projects and are in a constant flourish at all hours. My coworkers are excellent characters, and I'm grateful for the teamwork that lacks animosity. 

I feel calm and quiet. I laugh more. 

I do wish for the distance to not seem so far between me and a handful of loved ones I left in Chattanooga, but sadly my magic only works by pure accident. If I could get control of that nonsense... damn I'd be the winningest girl around. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Involuntary crying while shoe shopping

Picture this...

Me at Target crying in the shoe section. (Don't ask, it was a rough morning)

A very sweet older woman says "Honey, I know it's probably none of my business, but are you okay?" 

To which I respond, with snot coming out my nose, "my goldfish died".

Not even a giggle. My humor, under stress, is just lost on some people...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Hippo reunion tour!

This past weekend was quite the whirlwind. I drove back to Chattanooga Friday, after work, to retrieve my things from storage. When I got into town, near midnight, I was surprised by my wonderful pals with the news that all my things were already packed and ready to go! Seriously, no one has better friends than I do. It's no wonder I consider them my family. 

Saturday morning we got up and headed first to Atlanta to make an Ikea trip. Pookie learned that he has little patience for shopping with Hippo and I, on a Saturday, at Ikea. However, we did see little Asian nuns, and I feel that should have made up for well, everything. I don't know why but Hippo and I get damn excited over some nuns!

We finally arrived in Savannah less than 24 hours after I left and unpacked the truck into my new little space. All the while being eaten by mosquitos! I have over 40 bites on one leg!! I'm lathered in Benadryl spray and gel. I'm itchy and uncomfortable.

Last night, we enjoyed an amazing dinner cooked by Mr. Duff and then some hot tub relaxing time. Oh, and of course Hippo and I ended up in military uniforms, because well when we combine wine and that man's closet strange things happen...

Captain Lobster & Captain Hippo at your service!

Today, Hippo and Salapeno left to make the journey back to the 'noog. I already miss them!! BUT, the severe itching will be a nice reminder of the weekend for the next few days...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

This week's edition of why cameramen should follow me

Things I wish would have been recorded for humor, and personal archives (this week):

1) Ticky (a 75 year old southern woman) and myself moving a couch and huge ass console television. 

2) Pookie and I shopping at the Dollar Tree for sympathy cards and scented trash bags. 

3) Me trying to be Wonder Woman and carry an obnoxious amount of things up a VERY narrow stairway into the carriage house. With little success. 

4) Me arguing with a real estate broker that assumes I'm dumb or easily confused. 

5) Me guarding dog and cat food from a miniature pig. Jellybean, the pig, is a persistent and sneaky little booger. She also bites. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's a circus!

Part of the joys of my new Savannah living is trying new foods and restaurants. Above is a "Big Boy Burger" from Zunzis. It's begs "heart attack waiting to happen" comments from my friends, but I don't care. Good food is worth a little suffering. 

Another pleasure is having a dog visit you daily in the office for treats and a belly rub. Doesn't he look adorable?! He has outfits. I'm a sucker for a man with outfits! Because of him, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers are now on my doggie wish list. 

Things that are not pleasurable is watching movers almost destroy a crystal chandelier worth more than you. Or getting a left hook to the forehead by said chandelier. Sometimes I'm convinced inanimate objects also seek revenge.

I'm looking forward to my whirlwind trip back to the 'noog this weekend to pick up my things and latch onto Hippo for the duration of the trip. We'll be like a circus side show!! (Cue carnie music!)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Distance can't keep us down!

The Hippo & I are both wearing blue with white polka dots today. Totally synchronized. It's what Hippo-Lobsters do. Be envious. 

It's presumably uncalled for how happy this makes me... Whatevs. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


(Thanks JCO)

Simple struggles & gratitude

Things I'm not enjoying about my new (and current) situation...

1. I don't see my Banana Pants everyday. Nor have I slept with her in over a week. I have separation anxiety from my cat, yes. Stop judging me. 

2. I have no kitchen, or place to cook food. However, it's made me incredibly thankful to my generous "family" that continues to take care of me.

3. I miss the comfort of knowing my Hippo is only minutes away, instead of hours. But I am happy that her home is now filled with my art & that she sees pieces of me everyday. I can't wait to have a place with pieces of her as well.

4. I miss my Turtle. He is me, and I'm him. It's good to be got. And frankly there isn't a need for further elaboration. 

5. I long for my other close friends that are great dinner, lunch & breakfast dates. My Ninja, Huck & the Perfusionist. I'm still getting my bearings here, and their willingness to try fun things with me is greatly missed right now. 

Luckily, Mr. Duff has been more than willing to take me fun & nice places and my list of happy food places is growing. 

Things I am enjoying...

1. Being in a place that feels at peace with me after so many restless years. 

2. Knowing that the people above will find their way to me soon and that I'll get to show off this great city. 

3. That my life is truly magical. The proof is in the amazing support system I have that stretches beyond what I ever imagined possible. 

4. Knowing that I am appreciated at work, even after only 4 days. I haven't felt that way in ages and its good. 

Life has always been a challenge for me. I've always felt like I'm in survival mode. A little scavenger. And while that may always be true, today I feel less pressure. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Slowing down to live...

Today I went downtown to measure and ponder this little place...

It's an adorable carriage house, moments from Forsyth Park. It's exactly where I want to live. It's just a little room, and the kitchen reminds me of one you'd find in an RV. There are built in bookcases and a window seat that Banana Pants would love. 

I couldn't help but imagine my dad there with me.  He's been gone 11 years, today. When I was little I used to come to camp on Tybee Island, every year when I'd come home I'd tell him that someday I was going to live in Savannah. And I did. In the early part of the past decade, I moved with Paul, my ex husband. We lived at the very camp I had loved as a child. 

And now I'm back, but this time on my own and nearly nine years after leaving. In so many ways it feels like a time warp.  I'm staying with my old boss, my free time is spent with Pookie and Mr. Duff and in so many ways it feels the same. My new office is just across the street from my old one, and I find myself looking for parking off the exact same streets.

I could feel my dad, my Popoola, laughing at me today. Measuring my apartment in flip flops to make my best friend's husband spin his top. I could feel him hug me as I cried inside this tiny carriage house as I was feeling lost and simultaneously at home. I can even hear him whispering for me to slow down, because there's no point in living so damn fast.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Relocated - in shifts.

I'm in Savannah, GA. 

It's beautiful. I'm in love with this town.

(That's my current mantra at least.)

I can't lie and say I'm 100% confident with my decision. But I've been well received by old friends. They're gracious, generous and patient. 

I'm terribly heartsick that Banana, my cat, isn't with me in my temporary housing. And I'm a complete wreck without my Hippo and Turtle. They both keep me sane and it's difficult without them physically accessible.

Touring apartments and the city in search of "For Rent" signs is exhausting. Without Pookie's help, I'd live in my car. Seriously, I already pay enough for the damn thing. Might as well live there too. 

I'm excited by the potential adventures and lessons. I'm anxious for new memories and stories. 

In over my head, just where I love to be.