Monday, April 29, 2013

In a cracked nutshell.

This past weekend was laced with beauty but dominantly somber.

My aunt was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, that has spread to other parts of her body. She is in good spirits and cracking jokes about her soon to evolve relationship with marijuana. Knowing that this woman is handling this situation with humor and grace isn't a surprise to me. She is one of the strongest women I have ever met. Battling adversity and maneuvering hurdle after hurdle. It breaks my heart that she has yet another obstacle to endure...but I know she can handle it. Mentally and without wavering and with full acceptance. Because she has to. Because she is the strong one.

My sister also lost a baby girl, four months into her pregnancy. She is devastated. I have no words or advice in which to console her. I repeatedly assure her that I'm thinking of her, hurting for her and constantly cheering her on. She is also a strong and dedicated woman.

I can't help but draw parallel that the strongest women I know are continually challenged. And if there is some type of divine intervention, I hope it eases up...just a little...very soon. I don't say this from a place of doubt that these women will lose their ability to fight. I know that isn't possible. But I would love nothing more than for them to not be required to fight so hard or so often and with such desperation.

Because we, the strong ones, get tired too.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Did I mention the crazy?

It's been a crazy week, as I said yesterday. But today a new level of nuts emerged...

That north shore building is right next to where I live. Seriously, next door. It's also a building owned by the company I work for. The boss and I were the butt of jokes ALL day.

It reads in the article that one of the "ladies" is two months pregnant. What?? I don't feel confident that babies born in whore houses have a solid foundation on which to build. Then again, it's the oldest profession in the world and often a family business. So maybe she was securing her legacy. Atta girl!

I'm don't support human trafficking, or the drugs and underage victim stigma often associated with this topic. BUT, I can't really be upset if two consenting adults exchange these services for money. And from what I understand, that was the case.

That being said, I feel I can tell you I'm pretty sure I was a Madame in a past life...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday - My greatest struggle of the week.

Halfway through the week and mostly I'm just exhausted. Work has been a mad house as several projects are going on at once... it's the Wise way.

I'm looking forward to next weekend in the Savannah area with my hippo. We always feel we deserve a jaunt to the ocean. And we totally do. Plus she gets to meet Mr. Bravo, and I'm quite stoked about that business. 3 dominant personalities, one house. I feel a first aide kit is in order for the luggage.

Friday, I have my meeting with the Global Entry, Trusted Traveler Network. I'm excited. "Rigorous government background check", who wouldn't be stoked? Why is it that I'm fully aware my background is clean, yet I'm still nervous. Something about proving myself, and the obnoxiously long list of answers I gave to their extensive application.  What if I get anxious and screw up a date, or address.  I've moved like a million times in 10 years.  I can't remember all that shit!

Stay tuned!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Google let's me down, and other weekend festivities.

As my weekend is coming to an end, I'm doing a little recollection of the events. Quality time with Hippo, my BFF, makeup shopping for summer faces...CHECK. Quality time with the BFF harassing my extremely shy and attractive neighbor, Huck...CHECK. Deleting a couple hundred people from the Facebook friend's list...CHECK. Making my interest in John Stamos increasingly creepy...CHECK

(There is no online Rent-a-Stamos on Google, in case you were wondering)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Champagne & Chocolate

I live in a town that makes up reasons to have quirky parties. We have our own font for crying out loud, and damn straight we had a shindig. Hipsters & Hillbillies was a common theme, because we're clever. And Southern. And there was likely booze involved... Not unlike tonight. (Or last night, seeing as I forgot to push publish. Oops!)

My friend, The Ninja, and I attended an event in support of a local children's head start type program. During which, champagne (aforementioned booze) and chocolate were served. We had a marvelous time, people watching and bidding on silent auction items (secretly hoping ANYONE would outbid and save us the clams) We took pictures in the bathroom, as any good buzzed girl would, and left while the lighting was still good.
Myself and the Ninja in Chattanooga

Across the parking lot is a local place, called Brewhaus.. (It's a must to partake in potato cakes if you ever visit.) We commandeered a couple barstools, ordered more booze (keep your judgements to yourself) and introduced ourselves to the table. Frankly, I only recall "Way Cool", an Asian man, accompanied by three other blokes. Oh and our waiter, Aaron. The Ninja would later reprimand me an tell me "not to stare at the help". But he was just precious, and I had surpassed my buzz filter. (Not a difficult task)

Way Cool and Ninja

Other people came, went & let us touch their mustaches (or moose asses if you ask autocorrect).  All is fair in love & potato cakes. Share often & with abandon, folks!

Candy cigarette and pink champagne - classy lady!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Deadly serious hair styling...

This is the kind of thing that happens when a man in your life is trying to be funny and pull a "knife" on you when brushing his luscious locks... You turn around and threaten him with your equally deadly comb.  And that my friends is called LOVE.  You're welcome.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Good grief, again?

Writing. Everyday? Wow. It's a challenge, I like challenges.

Writing, online? For everyone to read? Fuck. Okay, I still like challenges.

I threw that in as a small disclaimer...

Today marked the 24th anniversary of losing my mother.  This is progress...