Thursday, April 25, 2013

Did I mention the crazy?

It's been a crazy week, as I said yesterday. But today a new level of nuts emerged...

That north shore building is right next to where I live. Seriously, next door. It's also a building owned by the company I work for. The boss and I were the butt of jokes ALL day.

It reads in the article that one of the "ladies" is two months pregnant. What?? I don't feel confident that babies born in whore houses have a solid foundation on which to build. Then again, it's the oldest profession in the world and often a family business. So maybe she was securing her legacy. Atta girl!

I'm don't support human trafficking, or the drugs and underage victim stigma often associated with this topic. BUT, I can't really be upset if two consenting adults exchange these services for money. And from what I understand, that was the case.

That being said, I feel I can tell you I'm pretty sure I was a Madame in a past life...

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