Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday - My greatest struggle of the week.

Halfway through the week and mostly I'm just exhausted. Work has been a mad house as several projects are going on at once... it's the Wise way.

I'm looking forward to next weekend in the Savannah area with my hippo. We always feel we deserve a jaunt to the ocean. And we totally do. Plus she gets to meet Mr. Bravo, and I'm quite stoked about that business. 3 dominant personalities, one house. I feel a first aide kit is in order for the luggage.

Friday, I have my meeting with the Global Entry, Trusted Traveler Network. I'm excited. "Rigorous government background check", who wouldn't be stoked? Why is it that I'm fully aware my background is clean, yet I'm still nervous. Something about proving myself, and the obnoxiously long list of answers I gave to their extensive application.  What if I get anxious and screw up a date, or address.  I've moved like a million times in 10 years.  I can't remember all that shit!

Stay tuned!

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