Monday, September 30, 2013

Savannah Signage

My first email to the signage company said "I need a diagonal window banner, that is static cling. It needs to be in our traditional red with white lettering. I need it to go diagonally across our center window. Can you please come measure and send a proof?"

The designer replied stating it wouldn't be a problem, and that he'd send a proof over after he measured the window. 


However, this is what I got...

I sent him back an email saying "The colors and words are perfect, but CBT wanted a diagonal banner cling. Can I get another proof?"

Proof number 2:

Dear sign guy, the horizontal and vertical options are great. I love options. But, I really need a diagonal banner. You know, angled? Edge to edge.

Proof 3:

Dude? Really? I could have hung the damn sign crooked.

I quit. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Office Quotes of the Day

So Jonathan and I were riding back to the office today and we see a kid with Down's Syndrome walking up the sidewalk. 

And ol' Jonathan says something along the lines of, "Why do his parents dress him like he's special needs? I mean put him in a damn suit, not high waisted pants and red suspenders! They're just asking for trouble"

I have to agree with him. Then again, maybe the kid demands red suspenders. 

Earlier today, Ticky is telling us about going to the doctor for bruising and spots. Keep in mind, she's 75. The doctor tells her that at her age it's going to happen because her skin and blood are thin. Ticky says in her impeccable southern tongue "I told him no, that won't work for me. He's gonna need to fix it". 

I love that she thinks he can reverse time, or add layers of epidermal cells. Oh to be well aged, southern and powerful. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

24 hours in ATL, the recap

This weekend I went to Atlanta to visit friends. The view from the patio was beautiful...

After a great evening of catching up, drinks and accidental vegetarian pizzas I fell asleep in the comfort of familiar company. Waking up late and groggy we walked across the street for brunch...

            (68 pages of drinks...)

We were supposed to go to Music Midtown, but we got rained out.  The show went on, we didn't. Instead, we laughed, drank and noshed. And then we napped...

It's excellent to have such wonderful friends! Almost everything we say could become a popular tshirt slogan. In addition to their infectious humor, they are beautiful, successful and supportive. Part of the time I just sat back and watched, selfishly realizing how lucky I am to be surrounded by people that despite the world, have grown up awesome. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Exploring New Hobbies

Things my friends suggest to channel my emotions and solitude... (And my feelings toward them)

1. Yoga (Sounds relaxing. And suitable, good suggestion)

2. Racket ball (also decent, although my plastic surgeon suggest I don't participate in any activity where balls fly at my nose. Okay that's totally from Clueless, but it's sound advice)

3. Start a collection. (we've ruled out cats, but flair and tiny ponies are still strong contenders. 

4. MMA (if I don't want balls flying at my nose, for fuck sake why would I want fists flying at my face?!)

5. Murder (as soon as I locate an understanding pig farmer, that moves to the top of the list!)

Keep those ideas coming, pals!!


Finding your voice can be difficult. Taking the retribution for your voice can be damaging. Acknowledging your worth takes practice. Fighting for self preservation can be exhausting.

I try to never make myself look like a victim. I don't share my stories for pity or protection. I share them to break the silence. I speak in case someone needs the courage. I speak because silence is a casket. It's a fucking death trap where you drown in your misery and solitude. Or at least that's how my silence feels. 

Maybe yours feels like puppies and kittens. Good for you. Stay silent. 

Everything in me knows my past is a burden to myself and often other people. No one wants to know the magnitude of evils the world is capable of. And I've worked long and hard to fight and hide from those evils. I won't be made to feel guilty for owning my past and knowing that repeating it would be a folly of my own creation. 

Someone told me tonight, "you think you're SO unique and SO wounded... you're so wrapped up in what you think is your tough story, as well as your sick dependence on your friends..." The person continued on about my alleged short comings and the reasons why I'm not a fit and honest person. 

I must admit, it's never easy when someone's true feelings about you surface in such a volatile way. But I harbor no ill feelings toward his definition of my character. I do not understand him anymore than he understands me. But as I stare at this impasse I am thankful for my unique and wounded soul, as well as my sick dependence on my friends. For through it all, they have held me up.

UPDATE: The original post had to be edited/deleted but I saved these comments from a couple dear friends: