Monday, September 23, 2013

Office Quotes of the Day

So Jonathan and I were riding back to the office today and we see a kid with Down's Syndrome walking up the sidewalk. 

And ol' Jonathan says something along the lines of, "Why do his parents dress him like he's special needs? I mean put him in a damn suit, not high waisted pants and red suspenders! They're just asking for trouble"

I have to agree with him. Then again, maybe the kid demands red suspenders. 

Earlier today, Ticky is telling us about going to the doctor for bruising and spots. Keep in mind, she's 75. The doctor tells her that at her age it's going to happen because her skin and blood are thin. Ticky says in her impeccable southern tongue "I told him no, that won't work for me. He's gonna need to fix it". 

I love that she thinks he can reverse time, or add layers of epidermal cells. Oh to be well aged, southern and powerful. 

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