Monday, September 30, 2013

Savannah Signage

My first email to the signage company said "I need a diagonal window banner, that is static cling. It needs to be in our traditional red with white lettering. I need it to go diagonally across our center window. Can you please come measure and send a proof?"

The designer replied stating it wouldn't be a problem, and that he'd send a proof over after he measured the window. 


However, this is what I got...

I sent him back an email saying "The colors and words are perfect, but CBT wanted a diagonal banner cling. Can I get another proof?"

Proof number 2:

Dear sign guy, the horizontal and vertical options are great. I love options. But, I really need a diagonal banner. You know, angled? Edge to edge.

Proof 3:

Dude? Really? I could have hung the damn sign crooked.

I quit. 


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