Thursday, November 7, 2013

'Tis the season...almost!

Holy shit! Xmas is right around the corner. Just yesterday, Jonathan and I heard holiday tunes coming from a nearby church's bell tower.

Personally, it all feels a little too soon. Don't get me wrong, Xmas is pretty and festive and people give you stuff. It's not necessary anything you wanted or needed, but they thought of you and it's sweet. (And stressful)

I don't actually buy gifts for many people. Really it's probably less than a handful. My nieces and nephews don't need anything, nor do my siblings. So it generally comes down to a select number or friends and any obligatory "dirty Santa" or "white elephant" type parties. 

I've started collecting a few samples of potential gifts for this holiday season:

Who doesn't love fake meat smells?! This candle is necessity dammit. 

FREE?! What's better than that?! (Pet not included)

Inappropriate AND useful! (Why does he look so angry? He's getting a blowjob)

Everybody Poos! Totes handy!! And travel sized. 

Admit it, everyone wants a voodoo doll kit!

I'm sorry, what?! "New Baby" voodoo kit?! kinda makes sense. 

I'm always looking for great ideas, let me know if you see any "must haves"!! 

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