Saturday, November 23, 2013

My overnight with Walt Disney...

Last night I made the jaunt over to Hilton Head Island to spend an evening (then night and part of today) with my friend Kim and her family. We had the pleasure of staying in a villa at the Disney Resort, thanks to a dear friend with vacation points and a last minute change of plans. 

Now, as you may or may not know, I'm not a "Disney person". Don't get me wrong, I enjoy some of the movies and I'm always game for a park with roller coasters. But I find the fact that employees are called "cast members" and that the little bastards are everywhere a bit unsettling. I get that they're creating an experience and it's part of the brand, I'm just not a into the stage 5 clinger types. 

They greet you everywhere you go by saying "Welcome Home". I suppose since it's a time share, membership's kinda the member's home. They do pay for the privelage of the club and it's benefits. 

Everyone takes their job very seriously and appear to have a seamless system. Nothing is ever dirty and there is always a person within ten feet to ask questions. We made jokes all day that we'd stumbled into the Truman Show!

The Disney Beach House is less than 2 miles from the Resort proper...and they serve booze there! It's past mid-November and I'm poolside (it's a heated pool) with a daquarri, travel magazine and the ocean steps away. Winning!

Living back on the coast has made me remember why I hold onto the summer for so long! Rum of the gods (as Dan says), salty breezes and the laughter of your close friends. 

Magical. Thanks, Walt. 

Kim, Dan & I with our 1st visit pins!

Kim and I with sippy cups, it's a family establishment!

He's one of those stage 5 clingers mentioned earlier!

I love when it's difficult to tell when the sky ends and the ocean begins!

All those little personal touches...

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