Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Relocated - in shifts.

I'm in Savannah, GA. 

It's beautiful. I'm in love with this town.

(That's my current mantra at least.)

I can't lie and say I'm 100% confident with my decision. But I've been well received by old friends. They're gracious, generous and patient. 

I'm terribly heartsick that Banana, my cat, isn't with me in my temporary housing. And I'm a complete wreck without my Hippo and Turtle. They both keep me sane and it's difficult without them physically accessible.

Touring apartments and the city in search of "For Rent" signs is exhausting. Without Pookie's help, I'd live in my car. Seriously, I already pay enough for the damn thing. Might as well live there too. 

I'm excited by the potential adventures and lessons. I'm anxious for new memories and stories. 

In over my head, just where I love to be. 

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