Monday, July 22, 2013

Hippo reunion tour!

This past weekend was quite the whirlwind. I drove back to Chattanooga Friday, after work, to retrieve my things from storage. When I got into town, near midnight, I was surprised by my wonderful pals with the news that all my things were already packed and ready to go! Seriously, no one has better friends than I do. It's no wonder I consider them my family. 

Saturday morning we got up and headed first to Atlanta to make an Ikea trip. Pookie learned that he has little patience for shopping with Hippo and I, on a Saturday, at Ikea. However, we did see little Asian nuns, and I feel that should have made up for well, everything. I don't know why but Hippo and I get damn excited over some nuns!

We finally arrived in Savannah less than 24 hours after I left and unpacked the truck into my new little space. All the while being eaten by mosquitos! I have over 40 bites on one leg!! I'm lathered in Benadryl spray and gel. I'm itchy and uncomfortable.

Last night, we enjoyed an amazing dinner cooked by Mr. Duff and then some hot tub relaxing time. Oh, and of course Hippo and I ended up in military uniforms, because well when we combine wine and that man's closet strange things happen...

Captain Lobster & Captain Hippo at your service!

Today, Hippo and Salapeno left to make the journey back to the 'noog. I already miss them!! BUT, the severe itching will be a nice reminder of the weekend for the next few days...

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