Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy Update

I've been house and dog sitting for Mr. Duff this week. I like how much his house feels like home, even with the severe lack of my cat and personal things. But I nest well here. He's got a beautiful life on this little island, and I'm glad that he often shares it with me.

    Just me & Kaiser, playing up the lens. 

Work is going really well, we're starting new projects and are in a constant flourish at all hours. My coworkers are excellent characters, and I'm grateful for the teamwork that lacks animosity. 

I feel calm and quiet. I laugh more. 

I do wish for the distance to not seem so far between me and a handful of loved ones I left in Chattanooga, but sadly my magic only works by pure accident. If I could get control of that nonsense... damn I'd be the winningest girl around. 

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