Monday, June 3, 2013

The Vortex of Online Dating Sites

This past weekend, I spent time with family and friends.  I celebrated birthdays and graduations and the general awesomeness that is our group.  I enjoyed the festivities greatly, and I'm increasingly thankful for the amazing support system of weirdos that I call my own.

In addition to that, I spent some time with the always delightful, Turtle.  We of course watched British TV shows, as that is a requirement of our friendship.  But we also stumbled upon "Plenty of Fish".  This is a website dedicated to bringing the lonely souls together.  (Be that for a night or a lifetime.)  The further into this journey we traveled, the more I questioned "How the hell is the human race still a thing?"  If you really take the time to look, it is startling.  I won't say that every single person on this site was a questionable soul, because some of them were attractive, funny or some combination of interesting.  However, the majority spoke to a part of my brain that screamed for complete words, correct grammar and self respect! (And that was just the women)

Turtle encouraged me to start my own account, just so we could make a comparison of the men.  And of course, I fell to peer pressure.  They make you chose an "intent" option when starting your account.  Not a single option says friendship.  Your choices range from easy to desperate in short measure.  And considering I'm not actually looking for anything, it was difficult to make a choice on intent without a certain level of guilt.

Within a matter of moments of completing my profile, I was reading messages from Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia's finest.  Some of these men were clever, I'll admit.  But mostly it was along the lines of "hey, ur hawt" and with each new message, I cringed.  After nearly 20 messages, I had to hide my account from searches.  I wanted to delete the entire account, but Hippo demanded that I wait until she could have a look herself.  We even discussed making a fake guy account, because we have nothing better to do with our time.
I guess we're all a little curious...

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