Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hippos Read Just Busted

Recently, Hippo and I had a cheap-date, small adventure. After a shared dinner, we wandered to the drug store...

There we discovered, or verified rather, Hippos have a short attention span when we can't locate what we're looking for. Therefore we're led to discuss my lack of enthusiasm over arm pit hair. On anyone. It's weird. And blows in the wind. What?

Near the check-out we revisited part of our dinner conversation. You see an old friend of ours was recently arrested. For statutory rape. At the register was a copy of "Just Busted", a local paper that includes all the latest arrests. We suspected he might be included, and for only $1 we can peruse the law breakers of our surrounding area. Money well spent!

For the most part, the mug shots are terrible. As expected. Some people seem to treat them like prom photos, others like its their profession. Yet sometimes, they just don't seem to fit. Or they're even a little attractive, in that bad boy way...

Until you Facebook stalk them, and humorously realize the mug shot is their best public photo. Le sigh. 

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