Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday, the day in which we unravel.

I'm not sure what its a sign of that its Friday, and I don't really recall Monday. Maybe it's because the chiropractor used lasers on my head and erased my memory, Men In Black style. 

Speaking of the MIB, Hippo and I have been testing the parameters of this NSA stuff. And we've decided to put forth an effort to making our texts and emails more interesting. I mean if someone is reading this shit, might as well make it entertaining. We now address the president directly and only ask for favors every few texts, which I feel is generous considering how highly we think of ourselves. 

Also we have military uniforms at the ready if they need back up. And by back up I mean something more akin to USO entertainment. Not actual battle buddies. Trust me, no one wants that. 

In the end, I doubt anyone is actually interested in what she and I are doing, but just in case we wanted to be prepared. 

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