Wednesday, April 1, 2015

On April Fool's Day, But Totally Legit

Another few days have passed, and I've made some further observations into my life...

1. New underwear makes me unreasonably happy. Almost no one sees my underwear, so it really is a personal sublimity. I get giddy and excited no matter the material, style, or cost.

2. I've found that it is 100% acceptable to cancel dinner plans AND ask for a present in the same conversation. It boils down to knowing your crowd...

3. I like potatoes in ALL forms. Fried, boiled, mashed and vodka... they all count and they're all delicious.

4. I received a little photo-quote from a friend of mine that said "you're going to be someone's favorite author". It made me almost cry. It almost made me profoundly thankful for supportive friends.

5. My favorite color is still BLUE, and I can't imagine another color more full of meaning and life.

6. I drive past my parents graves on a regular basis. 99% of the time, I wave. It makes me laugh, and I know it would make them laugh too. Last week I drove by and flipped them off. It was a bad day. I still think they would have laughed.

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