Thursday, January 23, 2014

In Remembrance

Today, he would have turned 37. There would have been singing, lots of singing. He loved when everyone was belting out songs, he didn't care if you could carry a tune as long as you did it with gumption. 

He died, unexpectedly, three and half years ago. Part of my world stopped that day. He was my high school sweetheart. My biggest cheerleader, as well as my biggest pain in my ass. 

He taught me how to love with abandon like only a teenage girl would understand. He forced me to mend my broken heart, (that he caused), taught me how to be angry (again that he caused) and how to forgive (because you never stop loving that first love). In the 15 years we graced each other lives we ran the spectrum of relationships from friends, to lovers, then enemies and finally friends again.

Rarely do several days pass that something about that man doesn't cross my mind. I see him all over this city, even though we have no memories here. I have no doubt that he still watches over me, pushes me and helps me learn valuable lessons. 

Today I live for you, Jason Kirby, our friendship and our unconditional love. And I'm thankful to my friends, still with me, that help me celebrate and remember you. And grateful for your family that continues to keep your spirit alive and me in their hearts with you. Always. 

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