Monday, December 2, 2013

The MAIN Event. Chattanooga style.

This coming weekend is home to my favorite event of the year in Chattanooga. The event is MainX24! I'm not 100% certain why it's my favorite. Could be that during this time of year, people are a little merrier and drunker. Could be that I love that my wonderful hometown will use ANY excuse to celebrate itself (anyone else remember the font party?). Maybe I like that the Southside hosts a variety of people, businesses, and events for 24 hours straight, and that's still not enough time for everything.

Whatever the reason, this year I was sure I was going to miss out. I live 5 hours away by car.  Money is tighter than I'd like. It's an exhausting event and I'll have to drive home Sunday. But I'm throwing all those reasons out the door because I made a promise this year that I wouldn't say "NO" to things I really wanted to do. I'd find the money. I'd find the time. This year is about doing.

I've relocated, I've gone to England, I've taken MANY mini road trips. All of that without worrying. And this weekend, I'm going home. I'm having pancakes with the Mayor, I'm having elderflower mimosas, I'm watching adults participate in a big wheel race, I'm eating chili and I'm watching the weirdest parade I've ever witnessed. Then I'm watching Trombone Shorty play at Track29. Because I can.

I intend to indulge with my friends. (overly)

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