Friday, July 13, 2018

When dressing for a funeral...

When burying a beloved friend, what does one wear to his funeral? Do you cascade yourself in a traditional black ensemble? That feels too serious, even for this occasion. Can you add a pop of his favorite color? Or the unforgettable sparkling shade of his eyes? Should your outfit be a loud celebration of his laughter, and an homage to his mischievous smile?

Then, how do you select the correct shoes? Ones to carry a burden much heavier than you had planned for a hot summer day. Which are the most practical  to help his soul walk the path to peace? While I’m thinking about it, can you leave bread crumbs for a spirit to find it’s way home?

What can you wear that doesn’t make you feel more exposed than this raw vulnerability? But also something that allows you to breathe deeply, and freely wrap your remaining friends in love. What outfit makes your stand proud in his memory, without making you fidget under the gnawing awkwardness of never understanding...why?

As I weigh all my options, and stand in front of a bursting closet, I decide I’ll wear white. Because even though I am undeniably in mourning, my hope he has not been lost in vein will reign paramount. In his honor, I will fight the stigmas harder than ever before. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to be shrouded in his name.

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