Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Adventures in Waxing. With Jesus.

Yesterday I decided to be adventurous and have my waxing done at a new location. 

I figure, why not trust my vagina to strangers wielding hot wax?! You only live once!!

I enter this north shore establishment, and I'm overstimulated by the hot pink walls and gaudy decor. Welcome to Basic Girl Mecca. 

The woman I was scheduled to see was running behind with a full body wax, and I could wait or take another employee. Being that I have no loyalties, I decided to go ahead with the available gal. 

She is a beautiful black girl. With natural hair in a tamed Afro, great make up skills and positive energy. She instructs me to undress from the waist down, climb up on the table and she'll be right back. 

In most salons, they offer a courtesy towel to cover your bits for modesty. Well, not at this pink palace - you bare all. 

She returns to the room and we commence into non committal chit chat. Where are you from, what do you, are you married? I answer politely, while my legs are in the butterfly position and she's slathering on hard wax in my headquarters region. 

She starts to tell me about her life, and how she's an aspiring singer and actress. She prayed to God to put her on a path to success and she believes she has found this great balance and that her dream life is flourishing. She's traveling through the week with a Christian band, and they're all home in time for church on Sunday's in their hometown. She's genuinely glowing and I can't help but feel content in her presence. 

Well, apparently my silence during reflection made her uncomfortable. And she asks "what's on your mind Miss Amanda?"

I respond, "oh nothing. I was just processing your story. I'm very happy for you. It's nice to hear positive stories. And I respect that you looked toward your faith to find your way. It's a beautiful idea..."

She looks confused and says "idea?... Well Amanda, when was the last time you asked God about your path?"

"Um... Well... It's been a while. I've been busy."

"Oh" through laughter "He knows you're busy. He knows before you know. But you can talk to him anytime. Even right her on this table!"

"I'm in a bit of a compromised position. I don't think this is the right time"

"I think it's time for you to get right with him. Stop running away and denying him. Everything will come together once you just give him the power... He'll lead you to a husband and a family and the life you're born to lead..."


She continues "I've never had an experience like this here, but I think God put you in my path and that we're sisters in Christ. Pick up a bible, ask where to look. He won't let you down"

And then she leans down and hugs me. While I am half naked and wax between my legs... And kisses my cheek. 

I walked away feeling confused, inhibited and like maybe I should go to church...


  1. You do realize that this is something that would only happen to you.

    1. Yes, yes I do. I wouldn't want it any other way!